The R47-03 regulation stipulates the details that are mandated to appear on a B-BBEE Rating Agency’s, B-BBEE Certificate. These updated regulations are effective from 7 October 2020.

B-BBEE Certificate

The amended and published SANAS R47-03 replaces the R47-02 document. The current regulation forms the blueprint for B-BBEE Rating Agency accreditation. SANAS will accredit the latter on behalf of the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition (the dtic). The amendment clarifies the role of B-BBEE Rating Agencies. The R47-03 in its entirety highlights the SANAS expectations on how B-BBEE Rating Agencies operate.

These amendments came into effect on 7th October 2020. Certificates issued up to 6 October 2020 (before the activation of the new regulation), will be valid as is until their expiry date.

Procurement and Supply Chain Teams need to familiarize themselves with these regulation amendments to effectively process B-BBEE Certificates. Businesses that require training can contact our training department ( for professional assistance.

Key additions of the new regulation are:

  • Detailed breakdown percentages of Black Ownership,
  • Y.E.S initiative information
  • Scorecard Principles used which affects the B-BBEE score and level.

B-BBEE Certificates should now include the following information:

  1. The B-BBEE Rating Agency’s name and/or mark/logo
  2. The SANAS Accreditation Symbol, which, should include the BVA number of the B-BBEE Rating Agency
  3. Amendments to Certificates should be clearly documented
  4. The following information of the Measured Entity is required:
    • The Registered Name and Trading Name if applicable,
    • Identifiable Physical Location / Address
    • The Registration Number
    • The VAT Number
    • The Registered Name and Trading Name if applicable
    • Identifiable Physical Location / Address
    • The Registration Number
    • The VAT Number
  5.  Consolidated certificates should be referenced accordingly, and must be substantiated by a document, that is duly attached, which reflects the Name of Measured Entity’s, as well its unique Registration and VAT numbers. Consolidated B-BBEE Certificates should always be presented with the attached list of Measured Entities and never only on its own.
  6. The following Certificate details should be displayed:
    • A unique identification/certificate Number
    • Revision number if applicable
    • Issue Date of the certificate, which shall be the date the final verification decision was made
    • Revision Date if applicable
    • Expiry Date
    • Name and Signature of Technical Signatory
  7. The following Scorecard Details should be displayed:
    • The standard and/or normative document, including issue and/or revision, used to evaluate the client (i.e. B-BBEE Amended Codes, Specialised or respective Sector Codes)
    • The scorecard/classification against which the Measured Entity has been verified (i.e. Generic / QSE)
    • Financial Year End Used
    • The Score per Element
    • The Total Score achieved
    • The B-BBEE Status Level
    • The Procurement Recognition Level
  8. Black Ownership results:
    • Black Ownership as %
    • Modified Black Ownership as %
    • Black Female Ownership as %
    • Black Designated Group as %
    • Black Youth as %
    • Black Disabled as %
    • Black Unemployed as %
    • Black People Living in Rural Areas as %
    • Black Military Veterans as %
  9. Principles Applied:
    • Modified Flow-Through used (Yes/No)
    • Exclusion Principle used (Yes/No)
    • Discounting Principle used (Yes/No)
    • Empowering Supplier (Yes/No)
  10. Youth Employment Services Initiative details:
    • Participated in Y.E.S Initiative (Yes/No)
    • Achieve Y.E.S Target and 2.5% Absorption (Yes/No)
    • Achieve 1.5 x Y.E.S Target and 5% Absorption (Yes/No)
    • Achieve Double Y.E.S Target and 5% Absorption (Yes/No)

Click here for an Authentic Rating Solutions SAMPLE B-BBEE Certificate.