We all welcome the newly Gazetted ‘YES’ Initiative as part of the B-BBEE scorecard measurement criteria. As well as providing scorecard leverage for organisations, the ‘YES’ Programme addresses the critical unemployment and Skills Development deficit facing the Youth of our country.

As things stand, ‘YES’ applies to those measured on the Generic Codes only. However, general consensus is that the ‘YES’ criteria will be applied to each of the Sector Codes with no transition period.

However, it is imperative that all organisations embarking on the ‘YES’ Initiative do it with full knowledge of the expectations, criteria, measurement benchmarks and consequences for not meeting the requirements at the time of verification.

The TFM Transformer’s Forum, in collaboration with Authentic Ratings Solutions and NPI Governance Consulting, will unpack the benefits, identified challenges and how embarking on the ‘YES’ Initiative will impact your current scorecard.

The Forum will address the ‘YES’ Fundamentals, the ‘YES’ Employee and Absorption, as well as how the ‘YES’ Initiative will impact the scorecard of an organisation.



TFM Transformer’s Forum: ‘YES’ Initiative

Thursday, 18th October 2018

09H00 until 14H00 (includes lunch)

Gallagher Convention Centre
19 Richards Drive, Halfway House, Midrand.
Accessible route from Gautrain Station Midrand

R1,975.00 per delegate, excluding VAT.
Preferential rate (R1,450.00) for Authentic Rating Solotions Contacts.
This includes a three-issue subscription to TFM Magazine.
(Invoice and payment details provide upon registration)


‘YES’ Fundamentals

  1. What are the qualifying criteria for organisations to participate in the ‘YES’ Initiative?
  2. What is the process of registering to participate in the ‘YES’ Initiative?
  3. What are the cost implications for registration?
  4. What are the informal development costs for hosting a ‘YES’ Employee?
  5. How does ‘YES’ impact those measured on a Sector Code?
  6. Which type of organisations would most benefit from participating in the ‘YES’ Initiative?
  7. How do I align the ‘YES’ Initiative to out current Skills Development strategy in place?
  8. How does the ‘YES’ Initiative align to SETA reporting?

The ‘YES’ Employee

  1. Who qualifies as a ‘YES’ Employee?
  2. What is the process for a host organisation wishing to sponsor a ‘YES’ employee to meet ‘YES’ targets?
  3. Who qualifies to host a sponsored ‘YES’ Employee and what would be the benefit to them?
  4. What would be the impact if a ‘YES’ Employee did not complete the duration of their contract?
  5. Can a ‘YES’ Employee be contracted for less than 12-months?
  6. What evidence is required to confirm the employment of a ‘YES’ employee?
  7. What labour legislation applies to a ‘YES’ Employee or sponsored organisation of a ‘YES’ Employee?
  8. What accountability does an organisation have to a ‘YES’ Employee that they sponsor within another organisation, in terms of their equitable and fair treatment?
  9. What qualifies as ‘quality work experience’?
  10. What constitutes absorption and how is this evidenced?

The Scorecard

  1. How will the ‘YES’ Initiative impact the scorecard of an organisation with little or no ‘Black’ Ownership?
  2. What recognition applies for meeting ‘YES’ targets?
  3. What are the consequences of not meeting the requirements at the time of verification?
  4. What evidence will be required to verify a ‘YES’ employee has completed their contractual obligations?
  5. Why does ‘Black’ Ownership remain an imperative if ‘YES’ targets are met?
  6. Will it be the host or sponsored organisation that is allocated the points available?
  7. Skills Development is measured using the financial period. The Gazette was published in July. How will this impact the scorecard of an organisation that has their year end in February?
  8. Is there a scenario where embarking on the ‘YES’ Initiative would have either no impact or a negative impact on an organisation’s scorecard?
  9. How are ‘YES’ targets broken down and applied?


Authentic Rating Solutions’s scope of accreditation now includes the Amended Construction Sector Charter Codes and we will be hosting an in-depth workshop and training session on these amended codes.



WORKSHOP / TRAINING DAY: The Amended Construction Sector Charter Codes

THURSDAY – 8 February 2018

The Amended Construction Sector Codes were published on 1 December 2017 with immediate effect. Authentic Rating Solutions is hosting a full-day workshop to highlight the key aspects which should be in place before your Financial Year End in February. During this full day workshop we will discuss the changes in measurement, verification and monitoring principles which have been introduced in the Amended Construction Sector Codes.

1769 Candlewood Lane, Candlewoods Country Estate, Centurion
Map & Directions

– Key principles and the structure of the codes
– Priority elements and their implications
– Enhanced Recognition Status (ERS)
– The discounting principle effect
– Changes to B-BBEE recognition levels and scorecard elements
– Minimum thresholds
– Ownership
– Enterprise and supplier development
– Socio-economic development

R 1850* per delegate (VAT inclusive)
*25% Discount on 3 delegates; 35% Discount on 4 delegates
(Invoice and payment details provide upon registration)

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