Authentic Rating Solutions conduct impartial, comprehensive, and effective services in line with legislative requirements. Our Verification Services are uniquely designed to ensure value to our clients and are supported by a strong drive for meaningful and ethical transformation.

We highly regard the importance of and are committed to impartiality in our B-BBEE verification activities, especially when managing conflicts of interest. We independently assess information and documents presented to us without jeopardizing our impartiality.

We undertake to not imply that a B-BBEE Verification would be simpler, faster, or less expensive where if clients make use of the services provided by B-BBEE Consultancy Agencies.

Authentic Rating Solutions (Pty) Ltd endorses the spirit of the PAIA and POPIA acts. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information that is collected and used properly, lawfully, and transparently.

Privacy Notice

Authentic Rating Solutions has a documented process for receiving, evaluating, making decisions, and record-keeping of appeals and complaints. A description of the process will be made available to a client on a specific written request by the client.

Appeals & Complaints

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